Kaya Collaborative Leads a Migration of Young Talent to the Philippines

By Benedict Joson

Amid social and geopolitical headlines, a buildup of innovation is occurring in the Philippines supported by balikbayan young leaders giving their time and talent toward the nation’s development. Kaya Collaborative (Kaya Co.) is helping facilitate this.

Earlier in 2016, the Wall Street Journal wrote of the growing number of Filipino’s repatriating. I caught up with my friend Rexy Josh Dorado, Founder and CEO of Kaya Co., who is at the vanguard of this movement back to the Philippines.

During our conversation, Rexy reflected on the vibrant ecosystem of social entrepreneurship and civic innovation that is occurring. He also spoke about Kaya Co.’s endeavor to connect and reconnect young members of the global Filipino diaspora to the Philippines via high-impact summer-long fellowships that immerses them in the work of social ventures and community partners.

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