Selected from over 250 applicants, the 4th class of Kaya Co. Fellows will work with nonprofits, social enterprises, creative businesses, and tech startups in the Philippines.

Over 10% of the global Filipino population lives outside of the Philippines. Millions of Filipinos continue to migrate out of the country each year. This is the Filipino diaspora: the global children of the Philippines, building new lives, forging communities, and making their mark in different corners of the world.

On the other side of the coin, a new generation of leaders in the Philippines has been building solutions amid a sea of problems: advocates striving to create policies that truly serve the people, social entrepreneurs marrying markets with social impact, creatives driving culture in new directions, and technologists channeling global breakthroughs into genuinely local solutions.

People from within the Philippines and people who have ties to it are growing more and more into their capacities,” said Rexy Josh Dorado, founder of Kaya Collaborative. “They see the type of people they want to be and the type of nation they want to be part of – and they’re building it.”

Since 2013, Kaya Collaborative (Kaya Co.) has brought young leaders from the Filipino diaspora back home to work with local leaders, entrepreneurs, and changemakers. This summer, Kaya Co. will be sending 21 new Fellows to the Philippines to do their part in a country mid-evolution.

Over the course of 8 weeks, the Fellows take on projects within different nonprofits, social enterprises, technology ventures, and creative businesses in the Philippines. In the past, Fellows’ projects have involved community-based impact research, global communications strategy, partnership development, and more.

“This is not the Philippines our parents grew up in,” said Alfred Dicioco, part of the first class of Kaya Collaborative Fellows in 2014.

The Fellowship is an entry point for people who are looking to the Philippines as a place that holds not just their past, but their future. Past Fellows have gone on to work in the Philippines full-time, study in the Philippines, launch new ventures that connect to their homeland, or lead in their Filipino communities abroad.

“The Kaya Co. Fellowship was an overwhelming and necessary experience that has completely changed how I understand my connection to the Philippines,” said Bianca Taberna, a Fellow in 2016 who stayed in the Philippines after her Fellowship working full-time as a consultant for Ashoka Philippines. Kaya Co. strives to develop agents of change and agents of exchange: leaders who will harness their hyphenated identities in to become critical innovators in our new, connected world.

With that in mind, help us welcome our 4th Fellowship class! Keep up as we share the work, the innovations, and the incredible journeys of our 2017 Fellowship class as they take their next steps as global leaders for the Philippines.


In Cebu, the "creative capital" of the Philippines, Fellows will explore how arts, media, and small business can strengthen culture and catalyze local economies.


In Bohol, Fellows will work on a cross-sector initiative to harness technology as a driver of entrepreneurship, employment, and sustainability in the province.


Fellows in Metro Manila will immerse in a diverse set of themes that include the role of social entrepreneurship, activism, policy, education, and technology in building a stronger Philippines.