Love our work? Help us sustain it! Build the future of Kaya Co. with us.

Early in November, we announced that we were putting our flagship Fellowship on hold until 2019. We did this because we wanted to take time to strengthen our sustainability as an organization. And we cannot accomplish our goal without your help!

This holiday season, we invite you to learn about and subscribe to our Balikbayan Box Program – a gift that we believe will keep on giving.

How it works: Give $19 USD to Kaya Collaborative every month, and in return, receive a box of products from our Philippine partners every 3 months.

In other words – help us sustain our operations and programming, and in return, see, touch, taste, and smell products that our Philippine partners are working on!

We started Kaya Collaborative four and a half years ago with the goal of creating new opportunities for young Filipinos in the diaspora to engage with their motherland. To date, we have brought 54 Fellows from the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. back to the Philippines. We have seen how our Fellowship impacts the lives and journeys of our Fellows, and we see how our community is strong, powerful, and a force to be reckoned with.

We know that our work is important and worth investing in, and we ask for your help this season to sustain it and help it become even better.

Make me a Balikbayan Box subscriber!

We are capping the Balikbayan Box Program at 50 subscribers, so sign up today if you are interested! Kindly reach out to if you have questions about the program. We would also like to thank Tatsuya Kawauchi for the photography of our Balikbayan Boxes.