Introducing Kaya Co’s Balikbayan Box Program

Love our work? Help us sustain it! Build the future of Kaya Co. with us.

Kaya Co Goes Pro

Kaya Co’s LA Hub is excited to announce the Kaya Co Enterprise Pipeline (KCEP), a professional development program poised to connect Los Angeles-based students to business and technology oriented roles in Manila’s top corporations.

To Infinity and Beyond

We’re postponing the 5th Kaya Co. Fellowship to 2019. Here’s why -- and what we’re doing instead.

Journeys home and forward: Reflections from the 2017 Kaya Co. Fellows

If you had only one word to describe your Fellowship experience, what would it be?

Homecoming 2017

Activate the Filipino diaspora with us! Homecoming 2017 is an upcoming series of events by Kaya Collaborative’s chapters in Los Angeles, Seattle, and Washington DC.

Kaya Conversations: Zack Frial

Earlier this year, Zack Frial began to compile an online library of Filipino/Diasporic literature. It quickly evolved into a huge collaborative spreadsheet!

Balikbayan Revolution: 21 Filipino youth from US, UK & Canada join 2-month Fellowship in the Philippines

Selected from over 250 applicants, the 4th class of Kaya Co. Fellows will work with nonprofits, social enterprises, creative businesses, and tech startups in the Philippines.

A different kind of homecoming

It’s easy to say that I thought I was coming to the Philippines for another “routine” visit with my family - that it was going to be nothing more than another boring, mundane trip that I would have to sit through.

Manila and the adjacent possible

I realized that Manila could be more than what people have given up on, that our generation could change the narrative.

Transformative resilience

I saw the Philippines, for the first time, as a place full of hope, rather than a place full of suffering.

Coming full circle

Through the years, I have had to get used to living in between—in between countries, in between cultures, in between identities. I am half Filipina, half Egyptian. I have lived half of my life in the Philippines with my maternal Filipino family, half in the United States with my Filipina mother and American (step)father.* My whole life I have always been just half.

Why are you here?

Coming into the Kaya Co. Fellowship, I was prepared for tough questions.