Frequently Asked Questions____

What happened to the flagship fellowship?

It still exists! It was just postponed for a year. You can read more about the decision here.

Will you only accept juniors and seniors?

We prefer juniors and seniors so, in the case that they’re given a full-time offer, they can begin work as soon as possible. However, someone’s graduation year won’t stop us from accepting an outstanding candidate. Freshmen, sophomores, and fresh graduates, you’re welcome to apply, too.

What are possible internship tracks?

Here are some things we had in mind:

Community development



Design and Marketing



Digital Research and Development

Environmental research and development

Content/Digital Narrative

Why is this program limited to LA students?

We decided to impose geographic restrictions for two reasons.

Firstly, we’re running this as a pilot program. Since Los Angeles has the largest concentration of Filipinos outside the Philippines, we thought it’d be a good place to start.

Secondly, this decision allowed us to schedule our pre- and post-departure meetings in-person. This way, the collaborators will really get to know each other and build a sense of camaraderie before, during, and after their time in Manila. Meetings over Zoom simply aren’t as impactful.

If this program is successful, we’ll create a blueprint for other hubs to follow. That way, Kaya Co can continue to reach young Filipinos throughout the diaspora.

How much is the stipend?

We’re working on it. For now, we can say that you won’t have to worry about your flight, housing, or daily expenses in LA or Manila.

Traditionally, it was necessary for the flagship fellowship to crowdfund. We’re hoping to avoid that by asking our sponsors and partners for financial support.

What happens if I’m undocumented?

If you’re accepted into the program, we’ll place you with one of our US partners.

When will we find out if we made it to the next round?

We’ll email all applicants on December 28th. Round 1 interviews will start on January 2nd.

How many applicants are you accepting?

As few as five, and as many as ten.