Go big, go home, and go pro.


Kaya Co’s LA Hub presents the Kaya Co. Enterprise Pipeline (KCEP), an 11-month professional development program poised to connect Los Angeles-based students to business and technology roles in Manila’s top corporations.

Students (we’ll call them collaborators) will receive transnational mentorship to guide their transition from local student to international professional.

We’re looking for students based at a four-year university in Los Angeles who have a demonstrated interest in the nexus of business and technology, and who can commit to an 11-month program. Ideal candidates would be current juniors or seniors who also involved in Filipino and/or Filipino-American communities, initiatives, and issues.


From February to May, collaborators will convene in LA for two monthly meetings or “centerings,” where they’ll have the opportunity to engage in conversations about migration, identity, contemporary issues in the Philippines, and the professional landscape in Manila, among other topics that Kaya Co continually and critically addresses in its programming. There will also be regular meetings between each collaborator and their Los Angeles mentor, their Manila mentor, and their Manila supervisor.


In June, collaborators will fly to in Manila for the summer. We’ll provide stipends for flights, housing, and daily expenses. 


For their stay in Manila, collaborators will be working with top corporations like Philippine Airlines, BDO, and Jollibee. Possible collaboration tracks include: 

– Community development
– FinTech
– Design and Marketing
– Operations
– Accounting
– Digital Research and Development
– Environmental research and development
– Content/Digital Narrative 

By August, our collaborators’ work in their respective placements could result in full-time, post-graduation employment offers.

Come September, collaborators will fly back to LA and resume their bi-monthly centerings — this time, around takeaways and next steps in maintaining the bridge back to the motherland and starting a career in the Philippines.

KCEP will culminate in December with a Kaya Conference to celebrate the collaborators’ progress, feature potential business pitches and publishing, and welcome them into a new wave of diaspora Filipinos with the resolve and experience to go big and go home.

For questions, email enterprise@kayaco.org.