Cultivating the Next Generation

Fellows in this track will be placed in Metro Manila

With a median age of 23 years, the Philippines has one of the youngest populations in Southeast Asia.

With so many challenges and opportunities awaiting the next generation of Filipino youth, leaders must work together to ensure that the children of the Philippines are able to live secure lives – and tap fully into their potential as leaders of the future.

Potential host organizations include:


Habi Education Lab is leading a movement of teachers harnessing principles of design thinking and innovation to teach better. They are a design and research group that works in various contexts, from early childhood education to adult learning and development. Habi envisions a creative and robust education sector that leverages empathy, learning science, data, and design thinking for continuous improvement and innovation.


Kythe is a non-stock, non-profit organization that provides psychosocial care to children with chronic illness, particularly those with cancer. Their Child Life Program, along with their network of volunteers and champions, work with doctors and administrators to turn hospitals into places where children can continue to grow, thrive, and live a humane life.


Food for Hungry Minds provides education by creating schools for disadvantaged children. They link regional corporate resources with local organizations to develop high-performance educational interventions for upper elementary grades—giving a community’s poorest children the opportunity to succeed academically through Philippine basic education, to serve in life and to dream of a better future.


Jeepneed brings hands on science to schools in the Philippines. They create content, sell science kits, and deliver teacher training to encourage curiosity. Their first project took a jeepney – the iconic public transit vehicle – into a mobile science and technology lab for young students.

EDUKASYON.PH is a free website that serves as an online guidance counselor and resource center for high school students from all backgrounds who are thinking about their next step in higher education and their career focus. is the biggest consolidated database for higher education in the Philippines with more than 50,000 college and tech-vocational courses and more than 3,000 scholarships available nationwide.


ARK is focused on improving education and health of school age children (pre-K, elementary and high school) living in impoverished rural communities in developing countries. By focusing on education and collaborating with an empowered community, they hope to provide the critical tools that will enable every child to dream, carve new paths, seize new opportunities and create a promising future devoid of poverty.

ARK strives for 100% literacy; rural investment and economic vitality; cherishing traditions; keeping community and family members together; and giving farmers, fisherfolks, store owners and other rural residents a chance to lift themselves out of subsistence with dignity and pride.

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