Sparking an Innovation Ecosystem

Fellows in this track will be placed in Batangas

How can the Philippines cultivate ideas and new businesses across the archipelago – not just at the center of power in Manila? Building a thriving ecosystem for innovation means working across the lines of government and business, partnering with the educational pipeline, and building networks that can do more together.

In Batangas, Fellows will be exposed to this process through developing partnerships, running workshops, organizing conferences, mapping innovations, and more.

Fellows in this track will be placed with:


Brainsparks is an innovation and startup hub established by the First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities (FAITH), run in close partnership with First Asia Venture Capital Inc (First Asia).

Brainsparks brings together the research and innovation from FAITH and the startup community – as well as expertise and experience in commercialization of First Asia and the business community – to create a hub for innovation and startups where they turn ideas, skills, and talent into value and jobs.

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