Technology as a Platform for Impact

Fellows in this track will be placed in Metro Manila

Technology is transforming not only our industries, but our society and who we are as a nation and as individuals. Look no further than in early 2016, where a rogue collective of volunteers propelled an unlikely figure from the most marginalized part of the Philippines – one Rodrigo Roa Duterte – to the presidency.

How can the Philippines not only adapt to the accelerating speed of technological change – but harness it to solve our greatest challenges?

Potential host organizations include:


B-Change is a social enterprise group with a mission to promote social change through technology. Their mobile apps aim to create “markets for inclusion” by connecting LGBT youth in Southeast Asia to inclusive services, communities, and resources near them.


Amihan is a consulting firm that aims to transform the largest institutions in Southeast Asia – starting with the Philippines – for the digital age.

Amihan helps  governments, banks, telcos, and media companies reach their constituents better – while also developing their own solutions and platforms that enable everyone, from small-scale creators to social entrepreneurs, to harness the power of new technology.


Kalibrr is a recruitment platform that seeks to connect the new generation of Filipino talent to opportunities in fast-growing new industries. Kalibrr has worked with large companies, startups, and government agencies to access talent more efficiently – and is looking to eventually scale its solution beyond the Philippines as well.

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