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We are a group of searchers, designers, and activators committed to co-creating a better Philippines. Our common interests lie at the intersection of development, design, social innovation, and community. Get to know our stories below, and don't hesitate to reach out!

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Balikbayan” means “returnee.” It’s a word that holds special weight in the Philippines, where 10% of the national population lives overseas. One of its most popular uses is in relation to the balikbayan box: a care package that’s traditionally filled up with goods and shipped back to one’s family in the motherland.

We want to redefine “balikbayan” to mean more than just temporary or symbolic return. In brief or in spirit. We want it to stand for something deeper: a culture of engagement and caring that’s more active, systemic, and anchored to needs and assets in the motherland.  Learn more about how you can get involved through our fellowship program!



7 May

The ties that bind: Empowering Fil-Am college students

What if student organizations primed our young leaders to think of themselves as transnational actors, capable of spurring change across oceans, and in genuine partnership with local communities? What if we led dialogue to bring the global communities around us into the fold? We can start small, with seeds of inspired determination sown here and […]

5 May

Agents of Exchange: Meet your fellows!

This summer, Aldric will be exploring these questions and more alongside Kalsada, an early stage venture that aims to advance grassroots economic development and environmental sustainability in the Philippines through the supply of quality coffee. And Gianina will be interning with Edukasyon.PH, a social enterprise that aims to connect Filipinos to higher education resources in the Philippines […]

20 February

With love: Filling up our Balikbayan Box

Kaya Co: Balikbayan Box from Rexy Josh Dorado on Vimeo. “Kaya ko” means “I can.” In the same spirit, Kaya Co. aims to activate communities and individuals in the Filipino diaspora as engines of social change in the Philippines. The term “balikbayan”, or “returnee”, is a popular one in Filipino culture, where 10% of the […]