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We are a group of mobilizers, storytellers, and builders working to co-create a stronger Philippines. See our full team here.

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Balikbayan” means “returnee.” It’s a word that holds special weight in the Philippines, where 10% of the national population lives overseas. One of its most popular uses is in relation to the balikbayan box: a care package that’s traditionally filled up with goods and shipped back to one’s family in the motherland.

We want to redefine “balikbayan” to mean more than just temporary or symbolic return. In brief or in spirit. We want it to stand for something deeper: a culture of engagement and caring that’s more active, systemic, and anchored to needs and assets in the motherland.  Learn more about how you can get involved through the Kaya Co. fellowship!



30 October

The Future of Diaspora is Here

Originally published at nextdaybetter.com on October 28, 2015 When I was growing up in the Philippines, I remember getting “balikbayan” boxes in the mail: care packages from a hemisphere away, bursting at the seams with clothes and books and movies and all the bittersweet symbolisms of distant relatives and their lingering connections to us, the ones […]

23 October

Why You Should Care About Filipino American History Month

As Filipino American History Month comes to a close next week, Kaya Co. fellow Sarah Santos reflects on her personal discovery of Filipino history. I sometimes have moments where life as I know it gets snatched out from under me so fast I can’t figure out what to do next. Over our summer fellowship, as the world […]

27 August

Kaya Culmination

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Gaby Montinola, a third-year Wesleyan student, returned to her native Philippines through the Kaya Co. fellowship two years after graduating from International School Manila. Her time with the Move.org Foundation has further solidified a love for education, and a particular interest in pursuing special education. Goodbyes feel bittersweet for Gaby, but also hold a silver lining within. […]