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Balikbayan” means “returnee.” It’s a word that holds special weight in the Philippines, where 10% of the national population lives overseas. One of its most popular uses is in relation to the balikbayan box: a care package that’s traditionally filled up with goods and shipped back to one’s family in the motherland.

We want to redefine “balikbayan” to mean more than just temporary or symbolic return. In brief or in spirit. We want it to stand for something deeper: a culture of engagement and caring that’s more active, systemic, and anchored to needs and assets in the motherland.  Learn more about how you can get involved through our fellowship program!



30 June

Archipelago Frame of Thought: A Toolkit for the Global Economy

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Jon Caña shares his reflections after week one of the 2015 Kaya Collaborative fellowship. No man is an island… and neither is the Philippines. Rather, it is an archipelago of 7,107 islands, each with its own distinct language, culture, and people. How do such diverse individuals come together to build a nation? As a Filipino […]

19 March

Redefining Balikbayan: Announcing the 2015 Kaya Co. Fellows

Kaya Collaborative announces its second annual fellowship cohort: nine emerging Filipino leaders from across the US, ready to take on a summer of learning and action in the Philippine social sector. The fellowship is Kaya Co’s first step toward its mission of reconnecting Filipino diaspora youth with opportunities for transnational action in the Philippines. During the […]

31 October

Kaya Kwento

When my friends come to me screaming, “I have kwento!” in the most Taglish accents they can muster, I always feel a jolt of excitement run through me. I approach them, eyes wide, ears open, ready to listen to their story. Whether it’s a brief kilig moment with their crush, a rant they need to let out, a deep conversation with a friend or a quick update about their day, I always enjoy hearing what they have to say. No matter what they’re itching to tell, the words are etched in their histories, the past gives way to the present, and the stories they share shape a part of who they are.