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Balikbayan” means “returnee.” It’s a word that holds special weight in the Philippines, where 10% of the national population lives overseas. One of its most popular uses is in relation to the balikbayan box: a care package that’s traditionally filled up with goods and shipped back to one’s family in the motherland.

We want to redefine “balikbayan” to mean more than just temporary or symbolic return. In brief or in spirit. We want it to stand for something deeper: a culture of engagement and caring that’s more active, systemic, and anchored to needs and assets in the motherland.  Learn more about how you can get involved through our fellowship program!



28 July

I’ve Longed for the Philippines, I’ve Longed for Camotes

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Anthony Garciano is an incoming junior at the University of Southern California, studying history as a way to imagine an optimistic future. His work with Edukasyon.ph supports making higher and distance education more accessible to all Filipino youth, especially the most underprivileged and . Anthony shares his powerful experience of returning to his native Camotes […]

22 July

Questions, Answers, Reflections

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Jade Verdeflor, Stanford junior and upcoming Resident Assistant for the fall semester, looks for opportunities to introduce critical thinking and mobilization efforts into herself and her peers. She works for the Kythe Foundation this summer, providing psychosocial support to children with terminal diseases. Jade finds that questions are often answered with more questions in the constantly moving […]

13 July

“Welcome Home”

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Stephanie Dofitas, about to graduate from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Biology, has excelled as a leader in her relatively small Filipino American community. Interning with Ritmo Learning Lab this summer, promoting early-age alternative learning by incorporating art and music, she hopes to insert creativity into her own dealings with self-discovery and identity. Stephanie provides a […]