Go big and go home.

The Philippines is changing. As the problems grow more complex, local and global Filipino leaders are creating solutions at a pace that is unprecedented. What role will you play in shaping the future of your motherland?

We recruit the next generation of transnational leaders to shake, awaken, and transform their Filipino diaspora networks from communities that care into communities that care effectively – investing their attention, efforts, and resources into systems and solutions that last.

Our Fellowship program aims to develop agents of exchange: informed and inspired leaders from the diaspora who will activate their own migrant Filipino networks as partners to homegrown social change initiatives. We connect a small cohort of young Filipino diaspora leaders annually from around the world to a summer-long experience that focuses on:

  • a high-impact internship with one of our social venture & community partners;
  • an impact & innovation curriculum on identity, diaspora, and homeland development;
  • human-centered design to bridge resources in the diaspora to social impact in the Philippines.

We’re looking for people who balance critical consciousness with action orientation, creativity with self-awareness, empathy with entrepreneurship.  If this sounds like you, consider joining us in the Philippines!

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Change starts from every corner of the Philippines.

The Kaya Co. Fellowship brings Filipino diaspora youth to engage with local Filipino leaders across different sectors and regions. We tackle the question of inclusion, economic develoment, and social change from all angles – from technology to policy, to health and education and beyond.

Where does your Philippine journey begin? Click for more details about the tracks of our past Fellowship:

The Fellowship Experience

Applications for the next Fellowship will open in Fall 2018. Take a closer look at some of the core aspects of the Fellowship experience below.

Kaya Co. places each fellow into a customized internship with a social venture in either Manila, Cebu, Batangas, Marinduque, or Bohol, based on the individual’s unique skill set and the organization’s specific needs.

We curate each of these relationships specifically to ensure experiential value for the fellow, capacity-building potential for the organization, and long-term impact for the target community. You can view some of the projects our 2014 Fellows and 2015 Fellows completed.

Kaya Co. invites professionals from the social impact community to lead workshops and guide Fellows through their specialized slice of the Philippines’ social sector. From education to community organizing, foreign affairs to journalism, each speaker will present their craft in ways immediately relevant to global leadership.

We actively seek out experts in diverse interest areas in order to construct a comprehensive learning experience for each fellow to become empowered with:

  • Knowledge of the models and forces seeking to create change in the Philippines.
  • Tools and inspiration for future involvement and action in Philippine social issues.
  • A critical viewpoint on world issues arising around social change.

Kaya Co. Fellows work together in groups through a nuanced design thinking project that involves problem-finding, empathy, out-of-the-box thinking, prototyping, feedback loops, and experimentation. Design thinkers experienced in the Philippine context work directly with our Fellows toward feasible outputs valuable to end users. Past years’ efforts have centered on building online platforms for the global diaspora audience to explore resources for transnational involvement, mentorship, and networking, as well as knowledge products on Philippine changemaking.

The cohort will ideate around strengthening this engagement framework, beginning by investigating questions related to some of the most imperative needs of the global Filipino community. Through the framework of human-centered design, these groups will research, interview, prototype, and present through the course of the Fellowship.


Frequently Asked Questions

For additional questions, feel free to reach out to daniel@kayaco.org.

See the application timeline below:

  • Fellowship applications will open on November 21
  • We encourage all applicants to send their applications by the priority deadline on December 23.
  • Final application deadline is January 6.
  • Interviews will take place in January and February.
  • All Fellows will be selected and matched to internships by mid-February.

All deadlines are on 11:59PM US Pacific time.

The next Fellowship will take place in Summer 2019.

There is no program fee. In fact, Kaya Co. will be handling the costs of all Fellows’ housing, along with 3 group trips around the Philippines as part of the curriculum. However, Fellows will be responsible for their local transportation, international flights, and everyday living costs.

Kaya Co. will cover housing as well as 3 trips to different parts of the Philippines as part of the Fellowship curriculum. Beyond this, Kaya Co. will have limited funds available to subsidize Fellows’ other costs on a needs basis.

We also help Fellows crowdfund and apply for university funding to support their living and travel costs. Fellows who have needed funding in the past have been able to raise $1000-$4000 from schools, community associations friends, and family; none of our Fellows so far have been unable to visit the Philippines purely because of financial barriers.

Simply put, we are looking for global Filipino leaders who will grow significantly from the summer – and are ready to channel their learnings into long-term leadership after the summer that supports the Philippines. We are looking for people who exhibit:

  • A balance of openness, critical consciousness, and empathy
  • A creative and entrepreneurial spirit that can imagine, test, and grow solutions
  • A history of quality work and a drive for excellence
  • Strong connection to the Philippines and the global Filipino community